Jerk Lawyer Emailed me Me So I took This Electric Football Site Down

Hey Fans of Tudor Electric Football!

Many of you have used this site to read up on rules, watch fun videos on electric football and much more. A little about me, My name is Jeremy and I have played electric football with my family almost every winter for about the last 10 years!

I am a long time fan of electric football, own about 8 different tables from vintage old school efl tables to new style ones. I enjoy the competition and wholesome fun electric football has always provided me and my friends.

About two weeks ago, a law firm contacted me and threatened to sue me over the site, I don't understand why exactly but lack the financial resources to fight a lawsuit over a hobby website.

I am out of work you see, and view electric football as a great way to take my mind off things, and one of the few true family promoting hobbies in a age where parents simply choose to cram a video game in their kids hands.

I am going to open up the comments below so should you come across this site you can let tudor know how you feel.

I even offered to give them the site, they only had to help offset the cost of what I spent out of my own pocket launching the site, they refused, and demanded I simply give them the site.

I will still play electric football with my friends, and it's sad that this is the way they treat a long time fan and promoter of the dying hobby! Keep playing that EFL, keep those leagues going, and most of all have fun.

Best Wishes,

Jeremy Hambly
Long Time EFL Fan


Jerk Lawyer emailed again to threaten me and again refuse to pay a fair price for the site. Contacting local news outlets for backup.